A game

Pin the Angels on the Ladder is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Make a ladder out of construction paper, about 18 inches high, and attach it to a wall. The children should then each make an angel; this would be a good time to remind children that descriptions of angels in Scripture vary from human-like, to winged, to frighteningly beautiful and strange creatures with multiple wings and eyes, to images of fire. Encourage them to create an angel that seems right to them. You might want to have on hand such staples as construction paper, glitter glue sticks, pipe cleaners, and tissue paper from which they can create their angels. While they are working, tell them about Jacob and his dream of the ladder stretched between heaven and earth, with angels going up and down between. Have each child write his or her name on the the angel and add a piece of double stick tape or masking tape rolled into a loop. When they are finished, blindfold the children one at a time and spin them around gently. Urge them to walk carefully to where they think the ladder is, hand outstretched with the tape in front so that it sticks to the first surface it touches. You should end up with angels all around the room--a good image of the surrounding protection of angels. If some do get their angels on the ladder itself, you could give them each a star to put on their angels, but remind all of the children that wherever their angel ended up is "good."

At the end of the game, you could make a mobile of all the angels, hanging them by different lengths of thread from a coat hanger, and use it to decorate the room where you will have the Festal Meal. The children may want to decorate the back side of their angels before making the mobiles if they didn't do so originally. Or you might choose to leave them scattered wherever the children "pinned" them.
season of angels

Outdoor activity

Since one tradition of this feast day is the scattering of grain for the wild birds, you could either go for a walk to a park where the children could scatter seeds for the birds, or you could have them make bird feeders to hang nearby. An easy way to make a bird feeder is to spread peanut butter on pine cones and sprinkle seeds over them to stick in the peanut butter. You could also do this with Indian corn or even popcorn balls--any surface that holds the peanut butter could then easily hold bird seed. Do this activity over newspaper since sprinkling the seeds can be messy. Place or hang the bird feeder where the children can see it.

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