Preparing the children

season of angels
Either earlier in the day or at the start of the meal, teach your children the appropriate responses and gestures. (For food serving and preparation suggestions, see menu ideas for a Festal Meal):
  • "God was with them:" the children respond while stretching out their arms, palms up.

  • "God is with us:" the children respond while hugging themselves, arms crossed and hands on opposite shoulders.

  • After each blessing, teach them to respond "Amen."
  • Final note: My hope is that you will have fun, too, as you share this season of angels with the children in your care:
    Welcome and peace to you, angels of peace.
    Bless us with peace, you angels of peace.

    Festal Meal Liturgy for the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels

    An adult should light the big candle and say: Light and peace, in Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Everyone: Thanks be to God.

    Adult: When God called the Israelites out of Egypt, an angel led the way as a pillar of fire in the night. Later, when the people were lost in the wilderness, God rained down manna for them to eat and gave them grain from heaven. So people ate the bread of angels.

    Children (with arms outstretched, palms up): God was with them.

    Adult: As we break this bread together,

    Children (with arms crossed, hands on opposite shoulders as though hugging themselves): God is with us.

    At this time, pass around the fish pretzels to share After a suitable amount of time for eating and talking, everyone should join in singing "Michael Row the Boat Ashore," after which an adult should ring a bell to call them back to the liturgy. (If any of the children have seen the movie "It's a Wonderful Life,"remind them that every time a bell rings, an angel gets his or her wings.)

    Adult: As the guardian angel Raphael accompanied Tobias and Sarah on their journeys, protecting, guiding, and comforting them along the way,

    Children (arms outstretched): God was with them.

    Adult: As our own Guardian Angels comfort, protect, and guide us,

    Children (arms crossed): God is with us.

    Adult: And now may God bless us and keep us.

    Children: Amen.

    Adult: May God send holy angels to be our guardians and guides.

    Children: Amen.

    Adult: May holy angels dwell in our hearts and be companions on our journeys.

    Children: Amen.

    Everyone: Thanks be to God.

    The Festal Meal commences.

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